Form 3CEB Filing

3CEB Filing with the Income Tax Authorities

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Form 3CEB is required to be filed by the taxpayers who have been involved in International Transactions or Specified Domestic Transactions, as per the rules of Transfer Pricing under Income Tax Act. Transfer Pricing transactions involve international transactions and Specified Domestic Transactions exceeding 5 crore Rupees in value.

Declarations under Form 3CEB:

Part A: Requires the taxpayers to provide general information about itself along with the aggregate value of international transactions and Specified Domestic Transactions.

Part B: Requires the taxpayers to provide the details of international transactions entered into during the financial year.

Part C: Requires the taxpayers to provide the details of Specified Domestic Transactions entered into during the year.

Every taxpayer who had undertaken any International Transaction or Specified domestic transaction during the previous year shall submit its report under section 92E of Income Tax Act on or before 30th November of the following financial year failing which he shall be liable to pay penalty and interest.

Further while filing the form 3CEB all the transactions undertaken shall be entered into along with its correct details. If any of the transations which have not been declared but subsequently found by income tax authorities would amount to escapement of income, and assessee will be liable to be penalized and even prosecuted for misdeclaration.

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3CEB filing ?

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3CEB filing ?

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