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10 Essentials of a Website Privacy Policy [Part-1]


10 Essentials of a Website Privacy Policy [Part-1]

Most websites today collect information from the users of the website for better user experience, accounts creation, product purchase, information transmission, updating the user. Apart from these there are many other reasons for collection of information by websites. We discuss  hear 10 most Essentials of a Website Privacy Policy.

Due to rising cases of data breach, data theft there is awareness amongst the users before providing their information to websites. When a website asks for details, I am sure you always have reluctance in providing the information, don’t you?

There are questions regarding the use of information or may be misuse of information provided. In order to assure transparency in use of information, websites have to publish a Privacy Policy informing it’s visitors about the possible uses of the information collected.

In order to make an effective privacy policy as per Indian Laws, our team at RegistrationsIndia has jotted down important sections that a Privacy Policy should have. We have enlisted 10 of the most essential sections or clauses of an effective Privacy Policy as per Indian Laws

  1. What all personal information do you collect? When is the information collected?

The clause provides the details about the information collected by the website, like email addresses, location etc. Further, it is recommended that you let your visitor know as to when will the information be collected from the website. It could be on login, livechat, support ticket, purchase etc.

  1. How do we use the information?

The importance of information collected needs to be notified to the visitor. There are number of instance when the information collected from visitors has been misused by websites. Since this information can be sold, the visitors require confirmation as to the limited use of the information.

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  1. How do we protect the information?

This is again a confirmation clause. Information leakage has become a common sight these days. With hackers making all efforts to steal the confidential data of organizations, data security becomes a major concern. Recently, the federal jury in Wisconsin has awarded USD 940 million to a firm against TATA Consultancy Services for information leakage. (source: Databreachtoday)

  1. Do we use cookies? Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are small files that help identify a user’s preferences on your website. Most website including Google use cookies to keep track of your likes, dislikes etc. You must have seen the “recommended for you” phrase on many websites ( uses this), this is possible because such websites are using cookies. By the way most websites do use cookies for providing better user experience.

We come to the end of the first part of the privacy policy. We shall be discussing the second part in our next post. Stay tuned!!

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