how to apply for trademark in class 43

How to apply for Trademark in class 43

How to apply for Trademark in class 43

This class is under the main head category of Services , One is 'Apply for Trademark in class 43'. This class is specifically for application of trademark related to

  1. Services for providing food and drink;
  2. Temporary accommodation.

The class covers mainly services provided by persons or establishments whose aim is to prepare food and drinks. It also includes services provided to obtain bed and board in hotels, boarding houses or establishments providing accommodation on temporary basis.

There are specific inclusions in this class as follows:

Specific Inclusions

1. Reservation Services for Traveller’s accommodation

Those entities which help a traveller get accommodation on temporary basis through reservation shall be included in this class.

2. Boarding for animals

Businesses providing services of boarding of animals from one place to another are also covered in this class.

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Specific Exclusions

1. Rental services for real estate such as houses, flats, etc for permanent use.

As discussed earlier the class deals with provision of services related to temporary accommodation. Where ever such services will be permanent in nature, it shall not be included in this class.

2. Arranging travel by tourist agencies

A travel agency is specifically excluded to take trademark under this class. Mere arranging of travel is not included. It has to be provision of temporary accommodation services to make it get included in class 43.

3. Preservation services for food and drink

Whereas services of provision of food and drinks for consumption is included in this class. Services of Preservation of food or drinks are not included in this class.

4. Discotheque services

All the discos in cities are not allowed to get themselves trademarked under this class. These services are specifically excluded from class 43.

5. Boarding Schools

Boarding schools cannot take registration in this class. They need to search for another class for application of trademark.

6. Rest and convalescent homes

Rest and illness recovery homes are excluded from the purview of this class. They need to register in other relevant class (which we may discuss in our upcoming articles).

There are certain other services which are included in this class these are: accommodation bureaux [hotels, boarding houses], bar service, boarding house bookings, rental of transportable buildings, cafés, cafeterias, holiday camp lodging services etc.

This article is meant for clarification purposes. The classes of a trademark are related to nature of business. Accordingly, you need to check which class his trademark is suitable for.  

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