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What are Differences Between Copyright and Trademark?


What are Differences Between Copyright & Trademark?

The wealth of a business is judged by the assets it has in its balance sheet. The assets can be both tangible and intangible. It is not the money infused in a business that depicts its prosperity but the money or assets it has retained. A copyright or trademark is one of those assets.We read today ' What are Differences Between Copyright & Trademark? ' To many people copyrights and trademarks are one and the same thing which they use interchangeably. But there is a big difference between the two. Both are instruments used to protect the intellectual property violation but they are used in different contexts. 


A copyright is a method by which a person registers his or her work, like literary, artistic, manufacturing process, product design, musical, etc. By owning the copyright he prevents the use of his work without his permission. For instance, the copyright of a particular book is with its author and only through his permission can it be printed or published in any form. Similarly, a process or a particular combination of processes is copyright registered by a manufacturer to prevent misuse or violation. A copyright provides ownership of your work. It grants you its proprietorship. Having copyrights is always good for business.

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A trademark is the signature of a business that provides recognition to it. For instance, the logo of Nike. It is a Registered Trademark and cannot be used by anyone except it. A trademark guarantees the much needed  visibility and helps customers in distinguishing between original and fake or duplicate. A trademark can be a name, word, series of words, symbols, shapes, logos, signs, emblems, colors etc.


A trademark is generally associated with the business name whereas copyright is associated with the goods or services provided by that business. For instance, in Kent RO water purifier Kent RO is the registered trademark while its purification process is copyright registered. If there is an infringement on either of the two cases, there is a penalty and punishment as per law. Although they are both governed by different Acts, they prevent violation of intellectual properties.

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