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GST Registration Amendment


GST Registration Amendment --

GST is the tax reform everyone has been waiting for, for years. It finally rolled out on the 1st of July, 2017 at the stroke of midnight hour. With implementation of GST all other indirect taxes like, Service tax, VAT, CST, entry tax, excise etc. have been repealed. Now there is only one indirect tax for the whole of India and every state including Jammu and Kashmir has to follow it. He provisions as well as tax rates are similar throughout the country. Learn here to GST Registration Amendment.

Any taxpayer having VAT, Service Tax or any other indirect tax registration must mandatorily migrate to GST and obtain GST registration. Every other person who has an annual turnover of more than ₹20 lacs (₹10 pacs in some cases) will have to compulsorily get GST registration. Post registration there are various details that require amendment like, change of address, business ownership, name, contact details etc. Moreover, it is completely natural for the applicant to miss out on some details while registering with GST. To revise your registration certificate and remove discrepancies GST has laid down the following process. Lets have a look:

Form GST REG-11

Form GST REG-11, Application for Amendment in Particulars subsequent to Registration is filed when there is change in information furnished by a taxpayer in registration forms GST REG-1, GST REG-9, GST REG-7 and GST REG-10. The Form must be submitted electronically at GST Common Portal within 15 days of such change along with relevant documents as proof of the respective change.

The form must be duly signed using a digital signature and clearly mention reasons for the change in information. The form can also be submitted through a Facilitation Centre as notified from time to time by the Commissioner. The Act has also fixed a deadline for the Department to verify and accept the amendment. For businesses that do not require cancellation of registration, their Form GST REG-11 shall be accepted within 15 days of its submission. 

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Form GST REG-4

Form GST REG-4, Application for filing clarification/ additional information/ document for registration/ amendment/ cancellation/ revocation of cancellation is submitted when Form GST REG-11 does not provide all the information and there is some sort of deficiency. In such cases, the officer can ask for clarifications within 3 days of receipt of Form GST REG-11 and the applicant must submit his reply within the next 7 days in Form GST REG-4. The reply is to be submitted electronically on GST Common Portal.

Form GST REG-5

If the officer is satisfied with the clarification he will approve the revision request within the next 7 days. But if he is still not content with the reasons for revision then he will reject the application and inform the applicant in e-form GST REG-5, Order of Rejection of Application for Registration/ Amendment/ Cancellation/ Revocation of cancellation. The Form is in the format of a letter that is addressed to the applicant. It must clearly mention the reasons for rejection of application and be duly signed by the appropriate authority having proper jurisdiction.

Amendments happen all the time during a normal course of business. To keep the records updated, GST has rolled out GST REG-11, GST REG-4 and GST REG-5 e-forms. An applicant can visit the GST Common Portal and download these forms. The Act has also prescribed a deadline for the department to process the change and accept or reject the change within 15 days of submission of Form GST REG-11.

Keep your records updated with GST by filing Registration amendment forms electronically at GST portal.

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