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How long does it take to register a trademark

How long does it take to register a trademark in India?

Everyone wants to have a brand of its own. Something that people will always remember and relate to 'How long does it take to register a trademark'. Trademark, as the name suggests is a name, mark or logo which specifically identifies your business. For instance, the stylish M in McDonald's is its trademark.

Whether its name is written or not, if you'll see the trademark you will know its McDonald's.

Some business houses in order to prevent duplication and confusion get their trademarks registered so that no one else can use it. Once a trademark is registered you can become its owner and no one else can use it without your permission. It is not mandatory to get your company trademark registered but if you are a known brand then it is advisable to get it done.

Register Trademark for  6,799 all inclusive

Registration process

To register a trademark first you have to select the category you fall in from the pre-existing 45 categories or classes. The first 35 are for goods whereas the next 10 are for services. So for instance, if you are a footwear manufacturing firm then your category would be class-25 under which you'll register your trademark.

If you are getting both your name and logo registered then it has to be done separately but under the same class. 

If a trademark is registered in the name of the company, then every shareholder of the company owns it. It will be used by the company then, not by a single person. However, if you want to register it under your name, it can be done too. The registration process is as follows:

  • Appoint a lawyer who will act as your agent. He will search for any similar trademarks with the Trademark Office.
  • After a couple of days you will receive the Original Representation Sheet of your trademark.
  • Trademark Office generally takes 18-24 months to decide whether to register the trademark or not.
  • Once the trademark is registered it will be published in the Trademark Journal as a proof of registration.

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