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How to apply for Trademark in class 35?


How to apply for Trademark in class 35 ?

This class is under the main head category of Services, and learning 'How to apply for Trademark in class 35'. This class is specifically for application of trademark related to

  1. Advertising
  2. Business Management
  3. Business Administration
  4. Office Functions

There are certain services that are specifically included in this class while others are specifically excluded. I will come that in a little while.

As mentioned above the class is mainly for services rendered by persons or organisations principally with the object of support in the working or a commercial undertaking or managing the affairs of a commercial undertaking. Further, it also includes advertising as an add-on business type. So any service provided in relation to advertising shall also come under this category.

There are specific inclusions in this class as follows:

Specific Inclusions

1. Bringing together of goods for view and purchase for customers

A website or television programme or a mail order or retail stores or wholesale outlets brings together and enables customers to conveniently view and purchase goods shall apply for trademark under this class. 

Sounds something like the Flipkarts and Snapdeals and Jabongs right? Yes, this class particularly includes e-commerce websites providing convenience in purchase of goods. In order to clarify this will not include transport of goods. The product review websites also come in this class’s ambit, whether customer review forums or commercial review websites provided they are bringing together the goods for purchase.

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2. Compilation of written communication and statistical data

Any service which helps in compilation, systematization, composition, transcription and registration of written communication and statistical data shall also share a spot here.

3. Services of Advertising agency

The services of advertising agency such as distribution of prospectuses, either directly or through post or sample distribution are covered under this class. Further, services concerning bank loans or advertising by Radio are also covered under this class only.

Specific Exclusions

This class does not include evaluation services, provision of reports of engineers which do not directly affect the working or management of a business. However, a professional’s report which directly affects the working or management of a business will be included. So a report by a consultant regarding the change of organisation’s internal systems should be part of this class.

This article is meant for clarification purposes. The classes of a trademark are related to nature of business. Accordingly, the client needs to check which class his trademark is suitable for.

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