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How to make application of Trademark in class 41


How to make application of Trademark in class 41

This class is under the main head category of Services. Today we discos hear 'How to make application of Trademark in class 41 ' and many point as Application of trademark, Register a trademark, Registering trademark, Trademark registration. This class is specifically for the application of trademark related to...

  1. Education;
  2. providing of training;
  3. entertainment;
  4. sporting and cultural activities.

There are certain services that are specifically included in this class while others are specifically excluded. I will come that in a little while.

The class covers mainly services rendered by persons or institutions engaged in the training or development of persons. The class also includes training of mental faculties of animals.

This class further includes entertainment whether sporting, cultural or otherwise.

There are specific inclusions in this class as follows:

Specific Inclusions in application of Trademarks under class 41

1. All forms of Education

The class includes services of all forms of Education whether provided for the development of persons or animals. In order to clarify this class is for development through education of persons and training of animals.

Register Trademark for  6,799 all inclusive

Trademarks related to education are registered under this class like Educomp, Smart Classes, Educlass, Kidzee, Reliance warehousing education and research, Voice of India, McGraw Hill, HDFC Edu, etc.

Application of Trademarks related to Computer education are also included in this class.

2. Entertainment, Amusement or recreation of person

All services related to providing entertainment or amusement or recreation of person need to get their trademarks registered under this class. Zee TV logo comes under this class for trademark registration.

Respective trademarks of Zeenews, Sony, Sab are also registered under this class. Application of Trademarks of amusement parks like world of wonder proposed registration under this class. If you are providing food and drinks i.e. restaurant services then your trademark is covered under this class.

3. Presentation of Art or Literature

This class will include trademark for works of visual art or literature to the public for cultural purposes. Visual Art or literature even for the purpose of education is also covered under this class.

Examples of registered trademarks under this head of class 41 are

-Gallery7 (providing facilities to exhibit artistic presentations);

-Gallery Chemould (providing facilities to exhibit artistic presentations)

So if you have a business related to Education, entertainment or presentation of Art or Literature you need to seek registration of your trademark under this class.

This article is meant for clarification purposes. The classes of a trademark are related to nature of business. Accordingly, you need to check which class his trademark is suitable for. 

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