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How to Register Trademark for Firearms, Explosives, Fireworks Under Class 13 ?


How to Register Trademark for Firearms, Explosives, Fireworks under Class 13 ?

This class is for obtaining trademark for items of Apparatus for Firearms, Explosives, Fireworks. If you are in the business of these items then this is the class where you should register trademark for Firearms, Explosives, Fireworks in, provided the item you are dealing with is not excluded from the class which are discussed later in the article.

On exhaustive analysis, the items which can be registered in this class are


ammunition and projectiles;



If the product you are dealing in is covered under the above category then you should obtain your trademark under this class. You need to obtain the trademark for the brand name under which such products are dealt in.

Specific Items of Exclusion and Inclusion under this class

There are certain items which this class specifically includes and certain items which it specifically excludes.

Specifically Included Items in Class 13

To avoid confusion, these items are specifically included in this class

- firearms and

- pyrotechnical products


Register Trademark for  6,799 all inclusive

Specifically Excluded Items in Class 13

The class does not specifically exclude many items as it is a self-explanatory definition that it provides. There are only a few exclusions as below:

– matches (Cl. 34).

Examples of items that form part of the list of items for you to register trademark:


air pistols [weapons]

ammonium nitrate explosives


artillery guns [cannons]

automatic firearm ammunition belts

ballistic weapons

ballistic missiles

bandoliers for weapons

rifle barrels

gun barrels

belts adapted for ammunition

Bengal lights

breeches of firearms



apparatus for filling cartridge belts

cartridge cases

cartridge pouches

cartridge loading apparatus


cartridge cases

rifle cases

gun cases

cleaning brushes for firearms

detonating plugs

detonating fuses for explosives

detonating caps other than toys



explosive powders

explosive cartridges


firearm sights


cleaning brushes for firearms

ammunition for firearms



firing lanyards for explosives

firing platforms

flare pistols

fog signals, explosive

fuses for explosives

fuses for explosives, for use in mines

tear gas weapons

gun carriages [artillery]

gun barrels

gun cases



guns [weapons]

artillery guns [cannons]

hammers for guns

sighting mirrors for guns

harpoon guns [weapons]

noise-suppressors for guns


hammers for guns and rifles

hand grenades

harpoon guns [weapons]

powder horns

hunting firearms

lead shot for hunting

machine guns

mines [explosives]

sighting mirrors for guns and rifles

ballistic missiles

mortars [firearms]

motorized weapons

nitrate of ammonia explosives


noise-suppressors for guns

percussion caps other than toys

pistols [arms]

firing platforms

detonating plugs

cartridge pouches

powder horns

explosive powders

primings [fuses]

projectiles [weapons]

pyrophoric substances

pyrotechnic products



rifle barrels

rifle cases


hammers for rifles

trigger guards for rifles

sighting mirrors for rifles

rocket launchers

signal rockets

rockets [projectiles]

shells [projectiles]

lead shot for hunting

shoulder straps for weapons

side arms [firearms]

sighting mirrors for guns and rifles

sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms

sights, other than telescopic sights, for guns [artillery]

signal rockets

sporting firearms

sprays for personal defense purposes

sprays for personal defence purposes

gun stocks

tanks [weapons]

tear-gas weapons


trigger guards for guns and rifles

trunnions for heavy weapons

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