How to Register Trademark for Foodstuffs of Animal Origin and Vegetable Under Class 29

How to Register Trademark for Foodstuffs of Animal Origin and Vegetable Under Class 29?

How to Register Trademark for Foodstuffs of Animal Origin and Vegetable Under Class 29 ?

This class is for obtaining trademark for items of foodstuffs of animal origin and vegetables. If you are in the business of these items then this is the class where you should register trademark for foodstuffs of animal origin and vegetable in this class, provided the item you are dealing with is not excluded from the class which are discussed later in the article.

The class includes  -

Meat, fish, poultry and game;

meat extracts;

preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables;

jellies, jams, compotes;

eggs, milk and milk products;

edible oils and fats.

If the product you are dealing in is covered under the above category then you should obtain your trademark under this class. You need to obtain the trademark for the brand name under which such products are dealt in.

Specific Items of Exclusion and Inclusion under this class

There are certain items which this class specifically includes and certain items which it specifically excludes.

Specifically Included Items in Class 29

This Class includes, in particular:

– milk beverages (milk predominating).

Register Trademark for  6,799 all inclusive

Specifically Excluded Items in Class 29

This Class does not include, in particular:

– certain foodstuffs of plant origin (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods);

baby food (Cl. 5);

– dietetic substances adapted for medical use (Cl. 5);

– salad dressings (Cl. 30);

– fertilised eggs for hatching (Cl. 31);

– foodstuffs for animals (Cl. 31);

– live animals (Cl. 31).

Examples of items that form part of the list of items for you to register trademark:

ajvar [preserved peppers]

albumen for culinary purposes

albumin milk

alginates for culinary purposes

almonds, ground

aloe vera prepared for human consumption


animal marrow for food

apple purée


beans, preserved

black pudding

blood sausage

bone oil, edible


preparations for making bouillon

bouillon concentrates


broth concentrates


chocolate nut butter

cocoa butter

coconut butter

peanut butter





fruit chips

potato chips

chocolate nut butter

clams [not live]

cocoa butter

coconut, desiccated

coconut butter

coconut fat

coconut oil

colza oil for food


broth concentrates

bouillon concentrates

condensed milk

corn oil

cranberry sauce [compote]

crayfish, not live

cream [dairy products]

whipped cream

potato crisps


crustaceans, not live

crystallized fruits



edible birds' nests

edible fats

edible oils

non-alcoholic egg nog

snail eggs for consumption


powdered eggs

coconut fat

fat-containing mixtures for bread slices

fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats

milk ferments for culinary purposes

fish fillets

fish fillets

fish, not live

food products made from fish

fish, preserved

fish, tinned [canned (Am.)]

salted fish

fish meal for human consumption

processed fish spawn

potato flakes

flaxseed oil for culinary purposes

foods prepared from fish

frosted fruits

frozen fruits

fruit, stewed

fruit jellies

fruit pulp

fruit peel

fruit chips

fruit salads

fruit preserved in alcohol

fruit, preserved

fruit-based snack food

crystallized fruits

frosted fruits

fruits, tinned [canned (Am.)]

game, not live

preserved garlic



ginger jam



hummus [chickpea paste]

isinglass for food


jellies for food

vegetable juices for cooking

kefir [milk beverage]

kephir [milk beverage]

kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]

koumiss [kumiss] [milk beverage]

kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage]

lard for food

lassi (Beverages made from curd)

toasted laver

lecithin for culinary purposes

lentils, preserved

linseed oil for culinary purposes


liver pâté

lobsters, not live

spiny lobsters, not live

low-fat potato chips

maize oil



animal marrow for food


meat extracts

meat, preserved

meat, tinned [canned (Am.)]

meat jellies

salted meats


milk beverages, milk predominating

milk products

milk shakes

albumin milk

vegetable mousses

fish mousses

mushrooms, preserved

mussels, not live

nuts, prepared

olive oil for food

olives, preserved

onions, preserved

oysters, not live

palm kernel oil for food

palm oil for food

paneer (milk product)

liver pastes

liver pâté

peanut butter

peanuts, processed

peas, preserved

pectin for culinary purposes

fruit peel



pollen prepared as foodstuff


potato crisps

potato chips

potato fritters

potato flakes

poultry, not live

powdered eggs

prawns, not live

prostokvasha [soured milk]

protein milk

black pudding [blood sausage]

fruit pulp


rape oil for food


ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]

vegetable salads

fruit salads


salted meats

salted fish



sausages in batter


sea-cucumbers, not live

seaweed extracts for food

processed sunflower seeds

processed seeds

sesame oil

shellfish, not live

shrimps, not live

silkworm chrysalis, for human consumption

smetana [sour cream]

fruit-based snack food

snail eggs for consumption

vegetable soup preparations

preparations for making soup


soya beans, preserved, for food

soya milk [milk substitute]

spiny lobsters, not live

suet for food

sunflower oil for food

tahini [sesame seed paste]

toasted laver


tomato purée

tomato juice for cooking


truffles, preserved

tuna fish

vegetables, preserved

vegetables, cooked

vegetables, tinned [canned (Am.)]

vegetables, dried


whipped cream

white of eggs



yolk of eggs

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