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How to Register Trademark for Hotels and Restaurants Under Class 43?


How to Register Trademark for Hotels and Restaurants Under Class 43?

A trademark is a unique mark that a proprietor registers to get exclusive rights of its use. A trademark can be either a name, numbers, logo, design, pattern, signature, alphanumeric number, word, or a combination of letters, words, numbers, patterns, designs, symbols etc. Know how to Register Trademark for Hotels and Restaurants Under Class 43? In Trademarks Act, 1999 goods and services are distinctly bifurcated into classes and an applicant is required to mention the particular class in his application. A good or service only gets registered in its particular class.

Class 43

A trademark is registered for a maximum of 10 years. After that it must be renewed. However, there are no limits on number of renewals. Class 43 pertains to food and beverage services, that is, establishments that provide food and drinks for consumption. For instance, at cafes people are served food and coffee. Under this class restaurants, food kiosks, delis, bars, food joints, bakeries etc. can register their trademark. For instance, Dosa Plaza can get its name, logo, symbol etc registered under this class. Similarly, Narula’s also have registered their trademark under Class 43. It also covers canteens, cafes, snack bars, catering services, etc. But discotheques ain’t covered under this Class.

Register Trademark for  6,799 all inclusive

Class 43 also includes establishments providing temporary stay or accommodation to people and animals. Such establishments include hotels, lodges, boarding houses, motels, etc. For example, Taj hotels, Motel Shiraz, Shriram Ladge, Trident hotels and many more. All of them have their trademarks registered under Class 43. It also includes brokers or travel agents that provide reservation services. However people or companies that make travel arrangements are expressly excluded. Even boarding for animals is included in Class 43. The condition for getting trademark registration under this class is temporary accommodation but boarding schools are not included. Even convalescent or rest rooms ain’t included. 

Trademark registration is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. It protects businesses from competitors and provides recognition. It helps businesses grow and create a brand. Registering a trademark can take up as much as 2 years. It is tedious process but it also helps creating a huge customer base. Get your trademark registered today!!!

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