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How to Register Trademark for Medical and Veterinary Services Under Class 44?


How to Register Trademark for Medical and Veterinary Services Under Class 44?

Trademarks are unique marks like names, symbols, numbers, letters, words, designs, patterns, logos, or combination of patters, names, words, letters, designs, patterns, numbers etc. In India trademarks are registered for a maximum period of 10 years, after which renewal needs to be done. Every renewal is done for a period of 10 years but there is no limit on number of renewals. If you plan to Register Trademark for Medical and Veterinary Services Under Class 44 , you get full help by this article.

Trademarks Act, 1999 has distinctly bifurcated goods and services into classes. Every applicant needs to quote the particular class under which his product or service falls in his application. For instance Class 36 pertains to financial and insurance services. Therefore only those trademarks will be registered under this class that are related to financial services as mentioned.

Class 44

Under class 44 services related to medical treatment of humans and animals are registered for trademarks. Under class 42 medical research in included but medical treatment is covered under this class. Therefore any establishment or person providing medical care and beauty treatment to humans or animals is included in the class, like hospitals, veterinary centers, cosmetic surgeons etc.

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The class even includes horticulture, forestry and agriculture related services. If a laboratory provides medical analysis services like blood sample testing, urine or stool examination, x-ray examination etc, are also included in the Class. Even alternative medicine treatment is part of Class 44. Along with this beauty treatments, blood bank services too are covered under it. For instance, Dr. Reddy’s, Fortis Hospitals, SBL medicines, etc. are some of the entities registered under the same class.

Entities that provide pharmacy advice, do animal breeding and provide artificial insemination services are also included in class 44. Those involved in gardening, floral composition and garden designing are also covered under this class. However, those performing vermin extermination are not covered under it. Even animal slaughtering does not form part of the class. Animal training centers and animal boarding services are excluded too. Health clubs and fitness centers are also not part of Class 44. Other services that are excluded from getting registration under this class are ambulance transport services and installation, repair and maintenance of irrigation systems.

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