Starting a Restaurant Business in India

Starting a Restaurant Business in India

Starting a Restaurant Business in India

Starting a restaurant business requires capital and acumen. It looks simple from the outside but requires hard work and proper management. There are a variety of restaurants and you have to choose which is best for you. At some point of time in our lives we all want to open a restaurant or own a franchise of a leading food chain. To starting a restaurant business in India you need to follow the following steps:

Pledge Capital

A business’ success and failure depends upon the money you are investing in it. Money is the blood in a business and if there is a constant supply it will survive and even thrive. Before starting a restaurant you need to pledge the amount of money you are ready to invest. Restaurants do not become popular overnight.

They need time to establish themselves. The money you are ready to invest must be divided into two parts, viz. fixed capital and working capital.

You must choose a model as per the capital you can invest. For instance, if you have Rs. 10 lacs or less than opening a kiosk or taking up a small franchise is advisable. Restaurants require frequent inflow of cash and you must have enough to see it through.

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Form a company

Company is undoubtedly the best form of entity. Form a company and start a restaurant. Purchase a place in the name of the company. A company provides limited liability and can accept loans which other form of entities like partnership and sole proprietorship cannot. You also need to apply for a service tax number and TIN number, as both a levied on selling of food.

Register your Trademark

Registering a company does not imply registering a Trademark. Trademark or tradename is the identity of your restaurant. It carries a goodwill of your business. Trademark enables you to give out franchisees to others or open more restaurants in the same name. I am sure you have heard of number of restaurants named as ‘Farzi’ café, Social, MyBar etc. all these restaurants will have a trademark which can be further leased and cannot be copied by others.


People are often attracted to quality services. In restaurants cleanliness and hygiene play an important role. You need to maintain adequate sanitization to prevent food poisoning and other related diseases.

Secondly, restaurant business runs on taste. If you can provide food that will make the taste buds want for  more then in no time you’ll become the most popular restaurant.

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