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Details about Trademark

1. Authorization Letter

2. Trademark Information Sheet


Details for Company

1. Board Resolution if applied in Company's name


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Trademark Class Confirmation


Trademark Search Performed


Authority Letter drafting


Application of Trademark

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Advantages of Getting a Trademark Registered

  • Exclusive rights over the mark
  • Can initial civil proceedings on the basis of common-law use
  • Can initiate criminal proceedings against third-parties infringing these rights
  • Acts as Identity of the owner or property holder
  • Protects Goodwill of the Business
  • Power to assign / transfer / license to others
  • Discourages others to use the same/ similar tradename
  • Gives our products / Services a status of branded goods thus enabling easy marketing and promotion



1. TradeMark Search

The first step in Trademark registration is conducting a trademark search so as to ensure that the logo or name in respect of which a trademark is sought is not identical to an existing logo or name.

2. Trademark application

The trademark application in the prescribed format under the Trademarks Rules needs to be made to the Trademark Registry. The application needs to be made in categories of goods & services as classified under Schedule IV of the Trade Marks Rules, 2002. One can make application in more than one class as well. Hence, one must identify the category/categories under which you want to apply.

3. Forms for Trademark Application

The application must be in the prescribed format. The simplest application can be filed in Form TM-1. In case the goods or services fall within different classes, a single application can be made, but it must be as specified in Form TM-51.

4. Registrar Scrutiny

Trademarks Registry shall search whether an identical mark or a mark which is deceptively similar to the mark applied for already exists, in respect of the same goods and services or similar goods and services i.e. category.

Register a Trademark in India – FAQs

1. What is a Trademark?

A trade mark (popularly known as brand name) is a visual symbol which may be a word signature, name, device, label, numerals or combination of colours used by an entity on its goods or its services etc. to distinguish it from other similar goods or services.

2. How to Select a Trademark?

The trademark can/shall be:

  • a word it should be easy to speak, spell and remember
  • coined or invented words
  • it is recommended not to use words like best, super, perfect etc.

3. Can any correction be made in the application or register?


4. Can a registered trade mark be removed from the register?


5. Should I courier the documents required or scanned copies?

You can send scanned copies of all the documents, sometimes we require the documents in hard copies which will need to be couriered.

6. What documents we need to submit? 

You need to provide just information and Power of Attorney for your trademark.

7. How long the whole procedure will take?

The Registration of a trademark takes around 10 months to a few years. 

8. When can we start using the logo / mark?

You can start using you logo / mark after filing of application. The words "TM" can be mentioned with the logo / mark. Once your logo / mark is registered "R" sign be used.

9. Once we got the Logo / mark, will there be any renewal period ?

A trademark once granted remains valid for 10 years. After this period you can file for renewal.

10. Do you provide the services of Trademark Registration in Delhi ? What is the trademark registration cost?

Yes, we provide the services of Trademark Registration in Delhi. We provide Trademark Registration Services all across India. The trademark registration cost is same as for all the cities in India as mentioned above. 

Updated Trademark Registration Cost in India is  6,799 as per the new Rules

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