Terms of Service & Disclaimer

RegistrationsIndia is an online portal helping clients meet their registrations, taxation and compliance needs. RegistrationsIndia in many cases refers services of professionals including Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries etc. to clients with a goal to form professional relationships between them. RegistrationsIndia does not undertake any responsibility for the quality, integrity, trustworthiness and honesty of such persons and leaves it to the high sense of judgement of the client. We do not involve ourselves in providing services in such circumstances and only interact with professionals on behalf of clients with an aim to eventually form a professional relationship between the client and the professional. Further, we therefore do not guarantee provision and / or completion of services.

No Agency RegistrationsIndia is not an agent of any person/professional including Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretary and hence any document sent by RegistrationsIndia will not create a client-professional relationship. We do not promote any profession and just provide a medium of interaction for the professional with prospective clients in many circumstances.

Website Content RegistrationsIndia is displaying the information to the best of its knowledge and belief. The content is regularly updated however, the technical contents herein are solely meant for information and not professional advice. We do not take responsibility for accuracy or correctness of Business Decisions taken without seeking professional advice.

Reservations RegistrationsIndia reserves the right to deny the provision of services without giving any reasons thereto.

Make My Docs Registrations India has enabled a service termed as the “Make My Docs” service. The service provides an ability to user to create and customise legal documents for use. The formats used in the “Make My Docs” service are collected from different websites providing free formats, in some cases these are customised as per Indian laws. We do not hold the ownership of these formats. Further, Registrations India does hold any responsibility of quality or purpose of these formats. You can contact us if you want to customise these agreements for your purpose, which shall be a chargeable feature.  

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