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How to register an IT company in Delhi, India ?

Information Technology is a vast and versatile field. You can either start a hardware manufacturing company, software development company or a mix of two. If you are planning to start business and want to Register an IT company in India then you need to read this article. Formation of an IT company involves quite a few steps, namely:

Formulation of a business plan

Before starting a business as a promoter one needs to form a plan first. A business plan contains detailed description of the business activities and the work company would be involved in. It involves the markets company will tap and the amount of business it will generate within a stipulated timeline. A business plan also contains financial information like, finance structure, profitability, turnover etc.

Selection of business model

Though it may seem like a simple step but in order to register an IT company in India it is one of the important steps. After the business plan is made you have to select the organizational structure you want. For instance, a public company, private company or an LLP. Along with this you'll need to finalize the number of directors you want, initial capital that you'll invest, premises that will be the registered office, name of company etc.

Finalize a name

Think of a name and that too a catchy one. A name should be associate to the business. It should be something that everyone remembers at once and doesn't forget. It is very important to register your trademark. You would never want your trademark to be copied by someone else. Even when you plan to induce investment into your company, the investor will ask for a registered trademark.

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Select a region

A region plays an important role in business. For instance, into order to register an IT company Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad are IT hubs and opening a company there would be far more beneficial than anywhere else. If your company is situated in Bangalore it might just give you the exposure you need and provide international clients as well. Select a region where you want your company to be based at. Also select the area you want to cover.

Start the legal process

After you have finalized with selecting the region and organizational structure, start with the legal formalities. Start forming a IT company, this would be a Private Limited company. The complete legal procedure for starting an IT Company is here. Fill all the forms required and submit them along with the prescribed fees. File requisite documents with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Formulate Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA). Finalize a name and submit it to the Registrar for deliberation. After you are done with that wait for the ROC to revert back.

Commence business

ROC will provide Certificate of Incorporation (COI). From the date mentioned on your COI your company is registered as a separate legal entity. You can commence business from that day onwards. Good luck!!!

We hope this article on "How to start an IT company in India" has been helpful, we like hearing from you and you can post your comments below. In case you have any problem with registering your IT Private Limited Company or LLP or OPC or registering a trademark for your IT business for that matter, you can contact us.

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