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What is the Process of Copyright Registration in India?


What is the Process of Copyright Registration in India?

A copyright is an exclusive right that is legally given to the artist, composer, sculptor, writer, poet, director, producer or originator on his or her work which can either be musical, literary, or any other form of production. The exclusive right prevents duplication and protects the rights of the producer. Today we read here what is the Process of Copyright Registration in India? Copyright protects a person's creativity and prevents theft. It encourages them to produce more and more creative stuff. A copyright is registered for a specific period of time post which it can be renewed.

The process of copyright registration is done as per First Schedule of the Rules. The registration is done under Copyright Act, 1957 which allows both published and unpublished work to be registered.

Application process

For copyright registration you must apply along with the prescribed fees. Once the application is filed you will receive a diary number. Then you have to mandatorily wait for the next 30 days. During this period all the objections regarding a registration are entertained. If no objections are received then it will be scrutinized by an examiner who will the forward it to the Deputy Registrar if no discrepancies are found in the registration.

If any discrepancy is found then a letter of discrepancy is issued to the applicant who will be given a chance to represent himself by way of a written reply or hearing in front of the Registrar. He will be given the right of representation post which his case will be forwarded to the Deputy Registrar.

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When objections are filed

If objections are received within 30 days, the Office will send letter to both the parties to appear in front of the Registrar. They will also need to reply to the letters sent to them. If the application is accepted then it will be scrutinized and forwarded to the Deputy Registrar if no discrepancy is found.

After an application to the Deputy Registrar he can either approve it or reject it. If it is approved extracts from the application will be sent to the applicant. But if its rejected then a letter of rejection will be sent to the applicant.

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